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Every so often I’ll add a scrap from the past or a show just recently played... anywhere from solo piano to purely electronic, and some of the nooks and crannies between. 


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We are in an age where a production studio can be loaded onto a laptop and used on the stage.  An electronically produced album can be transformed into a live show by having musicians play parts that were originally sequenced or made by machine- desampling I like to call it.

There are a couple projects that I’ve recently been involved with, playing keyboards, electronic bass, doing live looping and sequencing, and desampling whatever is possible with the resources at hand. 

Samantha James (Om Records):

improvised jam w. Samantha
@ the hotel cafe, LA, 2.4.08
(al playing keyboard bass)

Rithma (Om Records):


click here to get to the music

I play live electronica with keyboards, computer, and other musicians.  My live PA set and some other original tunes can be found at the above link.  Older material can be found towards the bottom of this page.

I do my livePA thing, but can also be found DJing, or mixing them together.

live pa:

If I may quote wikipedia,

Live PA, meaning Live Performance Artist... is a term used to describe the act of performing music (mostly electronic) live. This differs from what a DJ might do as the music is created by the person performing it, with an element of improvisation and live composition or arrangement.”

So that’s about what I do.  I use software (Ableton Live, Reaktor, Reason), keyboards, and a melodica to produce my samples, and then I arrange those samples live while playing and looping more stuff on top of it.

photo by ryan jesena


Nothing lined up right now, but here’s a link to my Soundcloud page.  Other music can be found by scrolling down this page.
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